Almost Within Reach

Posted by jplatt on March 30, 2015

Almost Within Reach.jpg

So you might be thinking to yourself: 'Man, Jason... I really love your work. But how am I suppose to know when there's any new images on your portfolio?'

The last thing that I want you, or anyone (but especially you) is wonder if there might be anything new on my site. Back in 1999 I don't know how many times I visited Matthew Sweet's website only to be roadblocked by the same information I saw just an hour previously (I was really big into his music back then). That is something that I definitely don't want you to experience here. Although, if you happen to visit my site every hour I might have to establish you as "Superfan".

So to alleviate any unwanted stress, I will post any new images here first. So then, not only will you know that a new image has been uploaded, but you can see it immediately. Thus eliminating the vague post of, "Hey, I put something new on my site" and having you search for it.

I'm a giver.

But you might ask yourself then: 'But Jason...If I can see new illustrations here first, why on Earth would I go back to the site to look at the other illustrations you've made?'

Well to answer your question, Superfan (I'm assuming you are at this point), I can't make you re-look at any of my illustrations in the portfolio section. But I can hope that the new post might encourage you to look back at some of my earlier work. Or even share the post with someone who might not be familiar with me and what I do. Either or, it's a win/win situation. Plus I think it was Yoda who said, "Sharing leads to smiles; Smiles lead to laughter; Laughter brings us all together." (I might not be remembering that quote a 100% right. Maybe I should Google it. Either way, I think you get what I'm saying.)

Plus, I might be showing more "In progress" pieces here. Which is something that I really enjoy looking at from other artists. So not everything in the blog will be work that will be shown in the portfolio section.

But that being said, let me talk about the new piece above. "Almost Within Reach"

Here is a little girl, hanging onto a tree branch, desperately reaching down for a frog that is sitting on a rock. Does she think that it is her prince charming, hoping to give it a kiss? Or is she just a tom boy and loves collecting frogs? The choice is yours dear viewers.

Now normally I work on a Wacom Cintiq, but in some cases, such as this one, I completed it on my ipad using the ProCreate app. You'll always hear me praise Wacom's Cintiq's (which most artist's would probably recognize), but not everyone is familiar with ProCreate's app (Which is available for Apple and Android tablets). It's a superb artists app with layer capabilities, and different media to choose from to use. Even though the Wacom Cintiq Companion is easy to use on the go, the ipad is like carrying a sketchbook. My favorite feature on it is being able to rotate the canvas on the screen, without having to physically turn the tablet. 

I know... sometimes it's the little things that can make you happy. Just like Yoda.

I hope you enjoy the new piece as much as I did creating it.